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We get it

You're not a babysitter. You have deals to close, projects to run, and customers to impress. You need clean, professional, and trustworthy subcontractors on your job sites.

Welcome to Custom Electric. 

We Keep It Clean

We place a high value on job site cleanliness. Our team's goal is that when we leave a job site the only way you know we were there is the neat completion of our electrical craftsmanship. As a part of our end of day routine, our crews clean up after themselves. We even have little brooms for those hard to reach spaces between the studs. Yep. We do that. 

Professionalism matters

It's the little, critical things that distinguish a professional subcontractor from the rest. Things like clean, rust-free, dent-free, lettered vans. Things like names on each team member's shirt. These are the kind of small touches that make a massive difference to you and your customers when encountering Custom Electric on the job site. 

It's Everything

One of the strongest values we desire to bring to every business interaction we have is trust. Our mission at Custom Electric is to develop long-lasting relationships with customers. This is not possible without the development of trust based on mutual honesty and integrity. 


We'd love to hear from you

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